Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 2, September 2015, Pages 1-263 
Effects of climate change on the discharge basin hydrology model (case study: Galikesh Watershed in Golestan)

Pages 111-125

elahe sohrabian; mehdi meftah halghi; khalil ghorbani; saeed golian; mehdi zakerinia

Assessment and Mapping of Areas Sensitive to Desertification in the Yazd-Ardakan Plain

Pages 191-204

mojtaba soleimani sardoo; Fatemeh Roostaii; Abolfazl Ranjbarfordoei; Reza Ghazavi; AbbasAli Vali

Estimation of Discharge Coefficient of Combined Weir- Gate Structure by Genetic Programming

Pages 255-263

samira salamati; amir ahmad dehghani; mehdi meftah halaghi; abdolreza zahiri