Prediction of scour depth around inclined bridge Piers group using optimized ANFIS system parameters with GA

Document Type : Complete scientific research article



The main cause of collapse of bridges is scour around bridge piers. Therefore, knowledge about the effective parameters and estimation of maximum scour depth has an important rule on the safe design of bridges in rivers. The aim of this research is evaluation of optimized ANFIS parameters with GA on prediction of maximum scour depth and comparison with all FIS generator of Matlab Toolbox ANFIS. 48 set of experimental data of scour around incline bridge piers were used. To comparison of performance of results, R2 and RMSE were utilized. Analysis of results showed that GENFIS1 generator of ANFIS toolbox in Matlab had the best performance, which could predict maximum scour with R2 and RMSE, 0.976 and 0.053, respectively. Comparison of predicted scour depths indicated that optimization of ANFIS parameters had better prediction of desired parameters with R2 and RMSE, 0.992 and 0.02537 in comparison of ANFIS toolbox in Matlab software.