Evaluation of Yield Model and Standard Operation Policy in Developing of Operation Rule Curve (Case study: Shaheed Rajaee Dam)

Document Type : Complete scientific research article



The rule curve as main pattern operation of reservoirs in different months of year and in different conditions of storage reservoir is determining the amount of reservoir release. In this study to planning and water resources management, SOP and Yield models is developed that related to operation of reservoir to storage volume in beginning of the period. Shaheed rajaee dam has been studied in order to efficiency this model in developing of rule curve. In this study, were considered discharges of river at dam site and middle basin between shaheed rajaee dam and tajan diversion dam. Several options were examined in developing model. In this options, assume that to be supplied 100 percent of the drinking requirement, industrial and environmental requirement and 40 to 80 percent of agriculture requirement that middle basin is not able to provide it. Average annual water deficit in the SOP and yield models was achieved 23.6 and 15.16 MCM, respectively. Average and minimum reliability in yield model was 3.81 and 52.29 percent more than SOP model, respectively. Also Maximum Vulnerability in yield model was 80 percent less than SOP model.