Author = Shoja Ghorbani Dashtaki
Effect of Application of Biochar and Wood Vinegar on Some Chemical and Microbiological Properties of Soil under Forage Corn Cultivation

Volume 29, Issue 3, March 2023, Pages 23-44


Nasrin Karimian; Shoja Ghorbani Dashtaki; Hamidreza Motaghian; Ramin Iranipour; Bijan Khalili Moghadam

Evaluation of double-ring infiltrometers method for measuring the vertical infiltration in different soil textures using HYDRUS

Volume 25, Issue 3, July and August 2018, Pages 241-253


Asma Mousavi Dehmurdi; Shoja Ghorbani Dashtaki; Parisa Mashayekhi

Developing new equations for estimating cover-management factor in fire-affected forest lands in west north of the Guilan province

Volume 23, Issue 6, March 2017, Pages 1-25


ali akbarzadeh; Shoja Ghorbani-Dashtaki; Mehdi Naderi-Khorasgani; Jahangard Mohammadi; Rouhollah Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi